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Hotels Near Midtown East In New York City (NY)

Thanksgiving in New York City can be a wonderful experience if you plan it correctly. While the streets may be crowded and the towering buildings impersonal, you room will be just a stone’s throw from shops (from Prada to street vendor-sold Pashminas), the best Broadway shows , Manhattan’s finest restaurants , both with Michelin stars and street cart cred, and parks (both Bryant and Central).
The “Plaza District”, a term used by Manhattan real estate professionals to denote the most expensive area of midtown from a commercial real estate perspective, lies between 42nd Street and 59th Street, from Third Avenue to Seventh Avenue , about a square kilometer or half a square mile.

It’s a bustling business, hotel, and shopping area with residential areas on the periphery (and sometimes in scattered apartment buildings nestled among the office towers), including those in the picturesque Tudor City development, with Gothic-style Westgate Hotel Midtown Nyc apartment buildings surrounding a picturesque, treelined park, all overlooking the UN. The other major residential areas include Turtle Bay, in the east 50s between Lexington and 1st avenues, and Sutton Place, in the same area east of 1st Avenue.
Dominating the southeast corner of Midtown East in Turtle Bay is the United Nations Headquarters, a massive complex overlooking the East River, Trump World Tower, and the Chrysler Building, the iconic art deco skyscraper at 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue.

Combine The Lexington and The Avenue to create the ultimate Penthouse experience, an entire floor of New York City luxury living. As for location, it doesn’t get much better than New York City’s Midtown neighborhood, which puts guests right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world.
Dear Voyage42115, Thank you again for visiting the Courtyard Manhattan Midtown East during your recent visit to NYC. Make your Manhattan getaway to New York Marriott East Side, a distinctive hotel in the center of it all. There’s always something happening at the New York W Hotels.

Feature-rich, the Lombardy Hotel offers amenities like gym, business center and spa. 9. Finance: Wall Street, also located in lower Manhattan, runs through the historical Financial District. Built during The Roaring Twenties, the Park Central Hotel New York once accommodated and entertained many influential figures—including Jackie Gleason, Mae West, and even First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

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