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Nasal Dilator Strip Is An Effective Intervention

RespiFacile® a reusable, Hi-Tech nasal dilator to improve your breathing. Interventions include intranasal corticosteroids, decongestants and mechanical nasal dilators, and patient populations nose dilator have included subjects with clinical OSAS coexisting with rhinitis, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) patients and rhinitis patients without objective evidence of SDB.
Persons, who have a pollen or dust allergy, find effective respiratory support in a nasal dilator with an integrated breathing air filter These nose vents come with a filter that absorbs pollutant particles, such as pollen, dust and smoke and keeps them away from your airways.

9. A nasal dilator a defined in claim 6; and said flexible strip also including at least one thin semi-rigid but flexible non-adhesive piece attached to said nasal strip between said two end-adhesive segments for enabling the wearer to install said UV-spring in said nasal opening without the wearer’s fingers contacting said adhesive segments, and to determine the portions of the outer nostril walls subjected to said end-adhesive segments.
Similarly, the before and after strip removal comparisons of VAS ratings showed that the BRNS clear group experienced a significant return of nasal stuffiness after the strip was removed at days 3, 7, and 14, which was significantly different compared with both placebo and the asymmetric butterfly at days 3 and 7. These were the only between-treatment differences on this outcome.

A mixed model with repeated measures, with treatment and period as fixed effects, subjects as a random effect, and time as a repeated measures effect, was used to analyze nasal resistance measurements over the multiple time points recorded during the night; P values were calculated for comparisons of asleep supine measurements made for the night with the strip versus the night without the strip.
34. A nasal dilator as defined in claim 31; and said flexible nasal strip including a third adhesive segment at the center thereof to be pressed by the wearer onto said central portion of said UV-spring to connect said flexible nasal strip thereto; said third adhesive segment having a length disposed to provide two non-adhesive segments between said two end adhesive segments and said third adhesive segment, for enabling the wearer to install said dilator without the wearer’s fingers contacting said adhesive segments and to determine the portion of the outer nasal walls subjected to said end adhesive segments.

This exploratory study characterized the performance of a nasal dilator strip with improved spring forces in lowering nasal resistance during sleep and reducing sleep-disordered breathing in subjects with difficulty sleeping due to chronic nocturnal nasal congestion.
The treatments were based on normal breathing, use of an END (Respir+®; Kentia Diffusion; Boulogne, France), an internal nasal dilator (Nozovent; Prevancure; Ste Pouret, Paris, France), and 0.05% of nasal decongestant (tymazoline hydrochloride; Pernazene; Synthelabo; le Plessis-Robinson, France).

These findings are consistent with those of a previous open-label study that reported significant improvements in subjective measures of sleep during use of the BRNS: in adults with a history of snoring, the BRNS reduced daytime sleepiness on the Stanford Sleepiness Scale (P < 0.01); improved sleep quality; reduced number of awakenings and sleepiness upon awakening; and improved morning concentration (all P < 0.05) 20 However, while the global sleep assessments performed in the current study were all highly significant (P ≤ 0.002), there is an apparent lack of correlation between these subjective findings and many of the objective (PSG) measures of sleep, as no significant improvements were detected via PSG, including for arousals per hour, sleep efficiency, and sleep onset latency.

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