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Dental Implant Abroad

Romania dental treatments attract people from all over Europe, and for a good reason! Matching CT and models scan data DICOM files obtained from CBCT and STL files will be imported fatete dentare in a treatment plan software R2GATE version 1.0.3 (Megagen Implant, Korea) and implant insertion will be planned according to the final restoration and bone anatomy.
Some clinics also offer international travelers packages that include a comprehensive range of healthcare services for international patients such as diagnostic needs, physician consultations, insurance and billing assistance, travel and accommodations, language interpretation and cultural mediation services.

The implant allows the support of a prosthetic replacement with the help of direct bone support, thanks to a biological process of osteointegration, reconstructing the part of the tooth without having to resort to the construction of a bridge on the teeth near the area keeping the rest of the teeth intact; the implant can be inserted into the jaw or jaw.
Periodontal and endodontic treatments.Dental prostheses on Emax and Zirconium ceramics (price for dental crowns from 250 to 400 Euro).How we work?First you tell us your problems and what you us by email your dental X-ray or your CT and we are making a treatment plan We can also arrange hotel reservations, transfer from the hotel to the clinic and a personalized travel program for the attractions of Romania, during the stay.

Bucharest dental clinics offer fast and painless dental procedures, using the same technology as dental centres in the UK. Dental training in Romania is among the most advanced and strict in the world, and Romanian dentists and oral surgeons’ qualifications are widely recognized around the globe.
Whether you go to Mexico, Hungary, Thailand, India, South Korea or Spain, just to name a few, you’ll be able to find dental care that is at least as good as what is offered in the US. As long as you make sure to check the credentials of your potential dentist, and make sure that they work hard to keep a high standing in the dental tourism industry, then you can feel confident that you’ll receive high-quality care.
Through the establishment of these two clinics focused on age groups, DENT ESTET has assumed the part of enlightening and educating young people to assume a progressive approach to oral hygiene and dental health by introducing educational programs both for children and their parents, with an increasing number of patients and parents interested in the services of the two clinics.

On the other hand, zirconia dental implants are produced from only one single piece. Dr. Cosmin Teasdale is the leading clinical dentist at the Bucharest British Dental Place. Recovery time after a dental implant procedure may take four to six weeks or up to 12 weeks for some patients.

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