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Houston Security Cameras

We provide camera systems that actually have no cameras in them, to systems that have the highest TV Line Resolution available to the consumer. CCTV cameras installed at the offices allow the bosses to check what the employees are up to. Though the purpose is not to track the moment of the employees every second, it simply helps the organization to understand the behavior of the workers from time and time.
Lightspeed offers custom security packages designed to fit each client’s specific needs and a variety of automation options, allowing homeowners to receive instant notifications, remotely manage security systems, and set alerts for severe weather warnings.

For a more advanced solution, we provide state-of-the-art surveillance systems that include cameras equipped with unique features like license plate recognition technology, thermal settings for low-light situations, cloud video recording, mobile applications, and more.
As a member of the Texas Fire and Alarm Association and an A+ rated member of the BBB, we are proud to be an approved security provider for several large and multi-national businesses including Greystar, Embrey Properties, CWS, and Gramercy Management.
For example, a four-camera system that runs 24 hours a day using IP cameras, each with a 2-megapixel resolution and a frame rate of 5 fps, with video Security Camera compressed into MJPEG files on a NVR, would require 2.79 terabytes of storage space for footage, according to the Supercircuits calculator.

But we aren’t just limited to outside forces, our security camera systems can also be a perfect solution to monitor your daily business production, so if you’re away from your office or staff you still have a way to monitor what’s going on in your absence.
SP Security is offering security cameras Houston , CCTV Houston , surveillance system Houston , security cameras sugar land and security cameras Katy services. What we like: Fort Knox is a Texas-based company that installs home security systems. We offer complete security camera solutions that are becoming an absolute necessity for your business and home.

At , we feature a broad spectrum of IP and CCTV security cameras, as well as pre-configured and custom-designed security systems for every budget. Security cameras are also important in public places to prevent bad things from happening. Ability to view and monitor surveillance cameras for emergencies, illegal activity, and other threats.

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