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Types Of Durians

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. An illustrious list of judges like K F Seetoh, founder of the World Street Food Congress , Lindsay Gasik, author of two durian books and Julie Wong, former senior editor at The Star and Flavours magazine, tried every single durian entered into the competition, judging based on a range of factors like taste, appearance, texture and colour, before making their final decision.
Every year in May, the sweet scent of durians begins to waft around Malaysia as harvest begins to hit its peak period. King of Kings Durians are often described as the creme de la durian musang king creme of Durians. And as local durian sellers prepare to welcome a bumper crop of the thorny delicacy in 2015 due to good weather, we sniff out 10 types of durians from Malaysia.

Guests can choose to savour freshly-opened durians at the 2019 Genting Durian Festival or take-away the delicious fruit (in vacuum-sealed packaging) to continue the banquet at home. Fruit Store located in Heart of Singapore that sources for Premium Fruits throughout Asia.
During the fruit season, there is a varied range of Durian piling up the rack ready for sale – Musang King, Durian D13, Durian Butter, Durian Tekka, Durian 101, Durian Sultan and Durian Udang Merah. It’s an enriching experience to see the fruits hanging on the trees moments before consumption, or even getting the chance to harvest the durian yourself.

The D24 has a good balance of sweet and bitter, with smooth and creamy flesh. The Queen among the Kings of Fruits is a bit brownish green in color and can be identified via its long oval shape which normally weighs 3kg or more. In terms of texture, it’s slightly fibrous and creamy which makes this durian really filling.
Malaysians only eat durians; they don’t know anything about the trees. We tasted so many different kinds of durians, but my favorite was the Nom Sod, a milky variety that kept dropping on us as we walked around. Taste notes: Sweet with fibrous flesh. Expect durian sellers to capitalise on the Musang King’s popularity by hawking off the ‘Musang Queen’.
A perfectly round durian may have sub-standard fruit because it is usually less aromatic and the seeds are usually bigger and the meat less fleshy and creamy. Taste notes: Bitter and extremely soft, fleshy meat with an almost alcoholic taste. As the trees have now reached their second decade, Jalani says the fruits are simply going to get better.

For example, XO durians are generally smaller while there are no small Red Prawn durians – these are generally large fruit. Beneath the knobby exterior of the jackfruit are numerous fleshy yellow seedpods—these are what you eat. Apa yang menarik lagi dimana durian Tekka ada dilaporkan didalam akhbat tMy Metro bertajuk “Kenali durian Musang Queen” yang sesuai dibuat rujukkan.
In general two categories to choose between are durians that are either wet” or dry” in texture, or ones with a predominantly sweet” or bitter” flavor. Bagi durian jenis Tekka dia menjualnya sekitar harga RM20 hingga RM30 satu kilogram untuk gred A. Untuk gred lain, harganya pula mungkin lebih rendah kerana kualiti durian tersebut tidak sesedap Tekka.

In good weather, we have tasted Tekka that has a really nice floral flavor with a strong bitter notes. The flesh can be sweet and bitter within the same fruit. Durian novices are usually drawn to the Musang King, which is known for its sweet flesh, dry texture and less intense aroma; but given its ridiculous prices, it’s best to explore other options that might taste just as good, or even better.
One of the largest orchards in Malaysia that produces the most durians is located in Sungai Ruan, Raub, Pahang. In the West, our fruits are juicy, slightly acidic, and sweet in a one-dimensional, sucrose way. The spikes of Musang Queen are not as compact and dense compared to D24 but not as loose as Musang King.

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