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Alpeba Vigo

1. The taxable event of this rate is the use by ships or fishing vessels in activity, the waters of the service area of ​​the port and works and port facilities, which allow maritime access to berth or anchorage that them has been assigned and stay in them.
That percentage may not exceed the percentage represented by the total annual activity of each port service performed by the licensee of self-provision or service integration in the geographical area and, where appropriate, in the type of and merchandise traffic, affected by the particular requirements of service apply.

If these operations or delivery, receipt, storage, warehousing and horizontal transport of goods in areas not granted in concession or authorization, be liable for the fulfillment of the obligations of coordinating the company providing the corresponding service is performed.
B) All those who have a stake or direct interest in companies or entities that perform or have submitted bids for the realization in the port of works and supplies, or any activity that generates relevant to the Port Authority, except expenses concerned Entities or Corporations of Public law or who hold a position of business elective representation of national, regional or local level.

5. The Ministry of Development, following a favorable report from the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Health, Social Policy and Equality and Employment and Immigration, authorized in state ports conducting business operations.
1. In order to establish the development model and the strategic position of the Port Authority, it may develop a Strategic Plan that includes the ports of competence, aluminios Vigo including at least one analysis and diagnosis of the current situation, the definition of lines and strategic objectives, performance criteria and the action plan.

A) deliberate disposal from ships or fixed platforms or other structures are located in areas in waters where Spain exercises sovereignty, sovereign rights or jurisdiction, waste, waste or other materials loaded on board or deposited with such purpose, except when they have the proper discharge authorization or this is not enforceable as provided for in the specific legislation.
1. The number of members of the manning of ships and their conditions of vocational training must be adequate to ensure safety of navigation and ship at all times, taking into account its technical and operational characteristics, in terms legally established.

These facilities must have a contingency plan for accidental pollution, which will be taken into account by the corresponding Port Authority to prepare the Interior Contingency Plan of the Port, which will be approved in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.
C) training, promotion of research and technological development in matters related to economics, management, logistics and port engineering and other related activity performed in ports as well as the development of systems measurement and operational techniques in oceanography and marine weather required for the design, operation and management of port areas and infrastructure.

These conferences will be subject to the jurisdiction of the regular services not integrated in them and, where appropriate, of non-scheduled services operating on these routes, without, in any case, the performance of the conferences may involve the elimination of competition on substantial parts of the market where they provide their services, which may create dominant positions by the integrated in the same companies.

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