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My Real Estate Investing Journey

I’ve been hearing from a lot of investors lately on the subject of FOCUS and it’s importance to real estate investing. Led by Kris and Cody as the General Partners, our team is backed by a board of advisory seasoned with extensive experience investing throughout the US. As opportunistic investors, we acquire income producing assets that carry limited risk across various market conditions.
But when those same people complain that they can’t seem to get ahead, or they’ll never achieve financial independence because of X, Y, or Z, it gets tiresome to listen to. I fully admit real estate isn’t for everyone, but I do believe there IS something out there for everyone – whether it’s a side hustle, or better job, or new degree – that will help them break out of their financial rut.

If real estate is an integral part of that life journey you are on as an entrepreneur and you feel that it is in line with your goals, while bringing out the best in you, then so be it. But remember, that the real estate business is just that- a business.
We help manage your investment property and portfolio from day one on. We take the headache out of owning international investment properties by maintaining great relationships with property managers in the US who can handle all your tenant and property needs without the hassle.

His wife wanted to go on this adventure so we set a time where she could also make it. As it turned out we were running a little later than planned when we arrived at the property, and it was going to be dark in about an hour or so. I just wanted to take a quick look at the house and get out of there.
And like I have been saying from the beginning, with the way that we invest in real estate we do not need the property go up in price to make a return, we can live off the returns that the rental income gives us alone as a sufficient yield to be happy with the investment, capital gains are just a bonus.
I have learned that as a real estate investor these experiences are just part of the “learning experience” and that remembering these times can actually put a smile on our face when we are having a bad day or a ‘rough patch” in our investing business.

A valuation is a requirement by the lender to determine the value of the property and their risk, simply stated a valuation is an opinion from a third party holding a qualification to Condo Investing do a valuation as to the properties worth at a given time on a given day, ask to see the valuation the bank conducts as you are paying for it, it does not represent market value.
I didn’t have my tenant screening procedures and policies, and my lease wasn’t where I really it to be. I’ve come a long way from where I was then and that first tenant still worked out, and I’ll tell you more later in a different episode about the second property, and my tenant in that second property is still there as well.

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