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Best Blogs Of 2019

Nowadays, there are countless fashion bloggers online and on social media platforms representing different styles, nationalities and cultures. Ever since she founded her blog Man Repeller , Leandra Medine has championed where can I post my blog for free wearing what you want, no matter how ugly” or man-repelling” it might be. As one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, her fearless fashion choices and absolute honesty landed her more than 600,000 followers.
On her blog, she takes on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle with a unique perspective, and has won numerous awards, including Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016, Elle Blogger of the year 2016 & Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the year 2017.

I also wanted to build this list because a lot of people ask me regularly about the best niches to create blogs and my answer is always the same one: the niche you should create is the one you’re passionate about (unless you’re in just for the money, but more about that in a second).
Content analysis allows us to identify topics covered by the selected lifestyle blogs and their categorizations (sections in which they are published) whereas the discourse analysis helps determine the presence or absence of women stereotypes and how gender is represented.

This Wild Heart’s Esther Lee presents a blend of motherhood, travel, and food in a cinematic and airy lens, showing a deeper curiosity about the world and all of the good things in it. Scrolling through the impeccably shot photos, you’ll come away with a feeling of tranquility, plus a few hot tips about travelling and living your best life with a youngster.
If you’re a lifestyle blogger and have enough experience to teach others about how they can improve their lifestyles and make the most of their time and money, you’re good to go as a consultant or coach where you can offer 1 on 1 coaching services to your clients to make money.

For instance, a former food magazine editor, married, in her mid-30s with a 1-yr old child residing in Nantucket will blog on vastly different categories than a single, 24-yr old lifestyle blogger living in San Diego, who designs bikinis for work. She now has blogs across so many zero waste categories and publishes at least one new guide per week, but usually more.

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