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Black Thorn Durian

Black Thorn Durian is presently the king of durians. 74 Strong nylon or woven rope netting is often strung between durian trees in orchards, serving a threefold purpose: the nets aid in the collection of the mature fruits, deter ground-level scavengers, and prevent the durians from falling onto people.
The D4 is not popular with the durian sellers because they ripen quickly after dropping off the trees. Excitingly, our few trees of Musang King flowered in early October with expected ripe durian d24 fruits in February 2020. The two stall owners, a 42-year-old and a 52-year-old, were issued two compounds of RM1,000 each for two offences with regards to the price tag of the durians.

Tempoyak can be eaten either cooked or uncooked, is normally eaten with rice, and can also be used for making curry Sambal Tempoyak is a Sumatran dish made from the fermented durian fruit, coconut milk, and a collection of spicy ingredients known as sambal In Palembang, Pangasius catfish can be either cooked as tempoyak ikan patin (fish in tempoyak curry) or as brengkes (pepes) tempoyak, which is a steamed fermented durian paste in banana leaf container.
According to this second-generation owner of the family-run business based in Penang, the recent bout of publicity this particular variety has received, in China, especially”, has tempted unscrupulous sellers to market cheaper varieties like D24 with hiked-up prices under the guise of Black Thorn.

Your tongue registers the above tastes; your perception of durian flavour is filled out and completed by the fruit’s scent, the sum of a myriad different aroma compounds. The Musang King – or Mao Shan Wang – is popular among consumers for its creamy texture and bright-yellow appearance.
We had an amazingly sumptuous ‘Durian-Licious date with THE BEST CHILLED MUSANG KING & BLACK THORN IN MALAYSIA only at Durian King TTDI. The owner has strong connections with the Malaysian durian plantations, and carries top-quality cultivars of the fruit. Musang King is also known as ‘Raja Kunyit’ in Malay because of its golden yellowish smooth flesh.
The origin of the name Musang King” dates back to the 80s, when a man named Tan Lai Fook from Raub, Pahang stumbled upon a durian tree in Gua Musang, Kelantan. There’s no better time than now to come and indulge to satisfy your durian craving at Durian King TTDI for some of the best durians in town.

Rich in taste and colour, Mao Shan Wang durians boast a creamy texture and leave a strong bittersweet taste in your mouth. Following that, in 2013, Black Thorn was officially registered as D200, with Mr Leow’s farm as the main source. If not, Musang King sellers from other states … will claim that their durians are from Pahang,” he said.
The photo, which has been shared more than 85 times, shows four durian fruit with black husks, alongside a caption that states: New durian species, Blackthorn”. The flesh is not as thick as Musang King so it is lighter in texture and it also has the slight bitter after taste like XO durian.

Durian Seng has found woody, smoky, burnt-rice notes in fruit from his oldest trees. That being said, it doesn’t really have the depth of flavor and underlying bitterness which Musang King, D24 or Tekka are famous for. Still more idiosyncratically varied are unbranded kampung durians”, which are from trees originally planted from unknown seeds.
Through their thorough inspection of its shape, husk and thorns of the durian fruit to ensure that it reaches the precise grade to be graded into the Black Thorn Premium category. Black Thorn really is a lot like Red Prawn in the most important way: when the tree is young, the both fruits are really sweet, which is just fine if strawberry and cream lozenges are your thing.

Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. The D24 Sultan used to be the most popular cultivar before it was dethroned by the Musang King. I love all durians and am not fussy about variety.

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