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Lofi Hip Hop

Whatever works for you – country, rock, classical, pop, spoken word, or anything else – Radio Garden can deliver, and there are plenty of other sites like it. Sometimes the burble of a talk show or news segment is as effective as music, but choose your own adventure.
A YouTube spokeswoman, Veronica Navarrete, said that while YouTube Live had been available since 2011 and continuous live-streaming Rap video had been available since late 2012, the number of live channels that stream daily has quadrupled year over year since 2016.

There’s something about the combination of melancholic imagery and anonymous beats that seems to capture the mindset of a generation of young people facing an uncertain future and declining incomes Laidback instrumental music like this is far from new – Brian Eno’s Music for Airports defined ambient and minimal music all the way back in 1978, and Ministry of Sound’s Chillout Session series of compilations spawned many imitators in the early 2000s – but these YouTube playlists are distinct.
However College Music noticed a growing trend of its live viewers using the YouTube chat box to talk about how stressed they are, or how depressed they’re feeling, or – in a small number of the most extreme cases – how they’re experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Chillhop music is another popular lo-fi destination on YouTube, it has 1.4 millions subscribers but no longer runs a live stream Operating at a smaller scale than Chilled Cow or Chillhop music are the bootleg boy (640K subscribers), NEOTIC (559k subscribers), nourish (290k subscribers), Ryan Celsius (260k subscribers) and Mellowbeat Seeker (267k subscribers).
One of the earliest known YouTube videos featuring a lo-fi chill beats playlist was posted April 23rd, 2013 by Chillhop Music, a channel devoted to showcasing the style featured in such playlists. This is typical in lo-fi hip hop, but you can experiment with other patterns to mix things up.

Though the channel is back and the lofi studying stream is online again, it isn’t the same stream. It’s a safe bet if you see a 30+ minute video with a thumbnail image of Yu Yu Hakusho, or a title t y p e d l i k e t h i s, it’s most likely a user-created lo-fi hip-hop mix.
Luke Pritchard and Johnny Laxton, the duo behind College Music — one of the longest-running live streams dedicated to lo-fi chillhop — say they’ve seen various waves of increases since the stream started in 2016, but nothing compared to right now. The original ‘Study Girl’, synonymous with the LoFi Study Beats channel.

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