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State and local governments, Department of Revenue, Department of Labor & Industries and Employment Security Department can and have targeted small business for intrusive audits, unrealistic assessments and aggressive collection procedures. In addition to his legal practice, Tyler is an adjunct professor with Golden Gate University’s Graduate Tax Program, where he teaches Federal Gift and Estate Tax and Estate Planning courses, and has coached the University of Washington School of Law’s National Tax Moot Court Team.
Joyce Schwensen practices real estate law , and is an experienced hand in assisting buyers and sellers through their transactions — reviewing the structure, counseling on the legal requirements and possible liabilities, and advising on how the deal may be improved in her client’s favor.

But if you know that most people will not try to probate an estate themselves and will seek out the services of an attorney to help them, then obviously you can short cut the whole process by sending letters or brochures to your local probate attorneys.
Prior to merging his practice with Fox Rothschild, Jerry was the majority shareholder in the tax law firm of August, Kulunas, Dawson & Siegel, P.A., in West Palm Beach, Florida, which he started in 1988 after serving as co-chair of the Tax Department of the Miami-based firm of Steel Hector & Davis.

For example, designating the people that you want to become guardians for your children, and choosing who will be in charge of closing out your estate, whether they will have to get court approval for every decision, and whether they will have to post a bond, are all issues that can be resolved in advance by having a Will.
At Seattle Legal Services, PLLC, our attorney(s) can help you navigate the complex world of tax law, from basic issues of tax Attorneys filing and planning to more complex issues involving delinquent or back taxes, payroll tax matters, and offers in compromise.

In addition to speaking at national federal tax law institutes and seminars, Jerry has authored more than 100 articles on partnership, corporate and international taxation published by national professional journals, including the Florida Law Review, Corporate Taxation, Business Entities, Journal of Pass-Throughs and Tax Notes.

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