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Do LinkedIn Really Generate B2B Leads?

Digital Marketing experts employ many path-breaking strategies to generate leads and improve business. It helps to streamline a lot of the processes that are part of the account-based marketing approach, enabling you to target the right accounts, engage them where they hang out, choose the right approach with each lead, and continuously measure performance.
Though statistics for the time of day LinkedIn users are most active is hard to come by, social media usage in general tends to spike during the workday between noon and 3:00 p.m. Lead generation using LinkedIn Daytime public profile viewing is highest at this time in the U.S. when people take a break, seek information online and connect with people to support their business needs.

For example, a B2B marketer may find that online banner ads offering free high value information can be effective in generating traffic to a website or Facebook page, or that making outbound calls to invite a select group of prospects to a webinar results in higher overall attendance.
Inbound lead generation, on the other hand, centers around media that “pulls” prospects to the marketer, including the use of Web search engines, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and so on), and content marketing (blogs, podcasts, webcasts, articles, reports, eBooks, etc.) Inbound also has an important viral referral element to it, since prospects who like something could discuss it and share it with others via email and social media.

Is timeless – if you are running a one-off event to generate interest in your business and your social media is going to generate the attendee signups for this event, it’s going to be hit and miss whether you get that approach and wording right the first time.
3. Landing page: once your content is identified and created, you’ll need to build a dedicated landing page for it to sit on. This page outlines the incentive of why the reader should give up their email address in order to receive the free resource.
Our job is to: identify your target market, target the people from the targeted companies, educate them about your business offering, engage with the target customers, and then drive them to your website, optimized LinkedIn profile, with the goal of connecting with them to create a relationship and ultimate sale.

For example, LinkedIn can find companies with traits similar to the ones at which your core audience works at and pinpoint individuals who have the same job titles and other characteristics as the individuals you’ve uploaded in Matched Audience lists.
Profile setup and optimization: This one may seem obvious, but take time to think about your prospects viewing your profile (personal and company) and make sure you include WIIFT Then ensure you are using the right keywords to make sure you are found when people are searching LinkedIn.

Whether you’re looking to find influencers in your niche to partner up with, or want to get in front of a new audience with a highly-targeted guest posting campaign, Ninja Outreach can help you quickly identify and reach the right people in your industry.
You might want to rethink your answer: LinkedIn represents 80% of all B2B leads generated through social media With the ever-growing amount of demographic data contained within LinkedIn, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option for reaching both broad audiences and niche targets.

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