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The 100 Best Songs

Fresh off delivering two of the year’s best guest verses, on Rick Ross’ Stay Schemin’” and 2 Chainz’s No Lie,” Drake laid claim to summer 2012 on French Montana’s banger, Pop That.” In hindsight, Drizzy’s scene-stealing verse is a perfect snapshot of where he was at in his life at that exact moment.
Five years after Lil Wayne told listeners, on Money to Blow,” not to worry about Cash Money’s future because the label would be alright as long as they “put Drake on every hook,” Drake continued his mentor’s xMDx BirdMan prophetic claims on Believe Me.” From the jump, Drizzy assumes the role of host to the welcome-back party, rolling out the red carpet for his Big Homie, with one of his best guest spots this decade.

In the summer of 2016, their feud culminated in Drake sending multiple shots at Budden on French Montana’s No Shopping.” In hindsight, these barbs overshadow Drizzy’s superb verse, which has earned its place in the canon of underrated Drake guest spots.
Birdman released another single called “I Get Money” featuring T-Pain, Young Money artist Mack Maine and Lil Wayne. The baby-faced Justin went from squeaky to freaky overnight with his first solo single, a stripped back banger pieced together from junkyard drums, acoustic disco licks, a snaking synth line and that cloud-scraping falsetto wail.

When Drake wraps up his opening verse around the two-minute mark, the song is already his, completely. On Jamie Foxx’s Fall For Your Type,” Drake’s closing verse introduced fans to the off-script, sing-song style he’s now known to implement when rapping over R&B beats.
Released the same day as Versace (Remix)”—only one of the two or three best guest verses in his catalog—Over Here” remains criminally overlooked in the canon of Drizzy features. The Kendrick Washed Drake on Take Care camp (via his scene-stealing guest spot on Buried Alive Interlude”) seem to have forgotten that The Boy returned the favor on Kendrick’s debut album, good kid, m.A.A.D city.
I just realized I’ve been talking about the album as a whole in the sections where I should be talking about the songs themselves, but this is what came to mind while I was listening. Birdman and Lil Wayne’s original Like Father, Like Son album dropped back in 2006.

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