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Structural Iron Works

The Orlando Potter Building is for me one of the best terra cotta realizations of New York City (and United States). The IMF estimates that, accounting for debt relief, the net present value of Mozambique’s external debt will stabilize at about 25 percent of GDP, a level that should be manageable given the country’s growing capacity for export from its mega-projects.
International Protective Coatings took its new intumescent technology to the project’s contractor, AMEC Construction Management Inc Two separate offsite field tests at the New York Times Company’s Queens facility, were conducted using steel mock-ups to assess the application, performance, and aesthetic characteristics of the coatings.

Although it carried an 8,000-pound, or two-percent, structural weight increase, the otherwise simplified modification increased its six-abreast accommodation from 32 to 69, reached by a new, straight, internal staircase that replaced the type’s signature spiral one.
The first impression depends on how far you are from the building and the time you want to spend looking at it. If you’re far from it the first thing that surprises you is its red color that contrasts with its neighbor, it’s also small compared to the well-known buildings surrounding it. Once you start getting closer to it; forms start appearing, start growing from its facades, the building starts to show you it’s ornamentals terra cotta that first looks fused in the brick patterns (and they do make fusion with the mass).

But the subway was more than the numbers it carried: it changed the fabric of New York society, reducing miles to minutes below ground, so that citizens could once again ascend to the surface after a short ride-24 hours per day, if needed-sparking what became its reputation as “the city that never sleeps.” Times Square, soon to be synonymous with its theater district, became its crossroads, and Broadway rose as people did-from the underground stations-disgorged into daylight, seeking apartments, stores, and services in buildings, which stretched ten to twelve stories toward the sky.
During the same year that he had been granted his “mail tube” construction approval, the New York City Central Underground Railway Company proposed its own underground line from City Hall to the Harlem River, but never dug a single shovel of dirt, while the New York City Rapid Transit Company, associated with the likes of Cornelius Vanderbilt, considered a City Hall routing four years later that was intended to connect with the New York and Harlem road at 59th Street.
While some of our services are regional in nature, we also provide aluminum welding and custom stainless steel welding on projects ready for delivery anywhere Steel fabrication in the U.S. From a simple repair to complex production jobs others wouldn’t consider, we provide quality and reliability in every product or service we offer.

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