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Indoor Digital Signage Advertising Company

Offering almost unlimited flexibility, our digital signage solutions can be adapted to almost any size, shape or curve. The TVs deployed are ordinary grade screens that you would see in your house, so they do require protecting, this is why detention centers are investing in Plasma cases, a protective LCD cabinet is a sturdy piece of hardware that avert unauthorized admission, no matter if a chair is thrown at the screen or the housing is struck with a cricket bat, the enclosed electronic hardware will be sheltered in a micro environment.
Our corporate digital signage solutions include but are not limited to: reception digital screens, productivity screens for team broadcasting, warehouse signage for safety and communication, LCD Video wall and lunch room signage. This type of digital advertising does not have to be wired into a data network, however if this is something you do need, it can easily be accomplished.

Unlike traditional billboards, the content on digital signage can be configured to allow remote changes and updates from anywhere in the world. Our Stand Up screens deliver instant effective ad campaigns for optimal brand creativity and expression, an economical alternative to static signage, which needs to be frequently reprinted.
Unlike other forms of traditional advertising medium, ​digital advertising is a much more cost effective alternative and can even cost lower to 1 dollar per day per screen. Outdoor digital signage can be used to engage with the community, attract attention to your business, run promotions or provide passers-by with relevant information.
Static or dynamic content displayed in store will capture your customers attention and deliver marketing messages in real time with consistency across retail chains using our cloud based signage software. Transform any HDMI compatible display into digital signage with our DIY digital signage players.

We have provided scores of different businesses with a comprehensive range of digital signage solutions to suit their individual needs. Utilising our extensive knowledge of the signage industry, we provide safe and professional signage installation services Australia wide.
Indoor digital signage is perfect for you and your business if you are looking to advertise, inform or enhance your customers experience. An LCD advertising poster works straight from the box, with no need for installation crews to be on site for installing a dedicated data network, and the unnecessary interruption to business and your customer’s inconvenience.

The data is provided through a content player that is wired to a large format display, sometimes up to 60″, this is viewed in a holding area when they turn up at the prison, as you can imagine if they do not recognize the language they could feel intimidated, frustrated and this could very simply turn to rage, resulting in the LCD being damaged.
Our in-house graphic and construction designers create well considered designs for practical and attractive signage solutions for your business. Our services include, site surveys, access & safety evaluations, digital images of sites or existing displays, measuring of proposed digital display locations, and final site templates for third party agencies or in-house studios.
Our digital signage content creation team designs and produces messages that drive people to action. SignDirector is cloud based software that enables bulk management of screens spread across any geographic location to be managed simplistically and efficiently from the comfort of your office.

We are a pioneer in the Digital Signage industry, and bring years of experience to help clients across a wide variety of industries. All our digital signage solutions also have the option to be accompanied by our SignDirector software, allowing complete content management control from anywhere in the world through a simple to use web interface.
Developing a strong, famous brand and delivering it consistently to customers is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. Ensuring your business has all of the necessary signage can be difficult to consider, we have prepared some examples of digital signage below for you to include with your quotation request.

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