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Face Masks, Facial Masks & Face Peels

Though homemade masks are the least convenient option, DIY-ing a face mask lets you save money and monitor the ingredients that’ll go on your face. Most household products can be used to create a face mask, from honey to egg whites. With 3 types of exfoliation working on your complexion simultaneously, a lot is going on.
Massage a generous layer of the mask over clean, dry skin. This clay face mask contains natural botanical ingredients of Chamomile, Calendula and Organic Aloe Vera. Suitable for ALL skin types but is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. Zeolite may be used to clear blackheads and pimples by unclogging pores and as a skin acne treatment. Read on to see the 12 best clay masks on the market right now, what clay mask benefits are, and find out which is best for you.

acne-prone skin as they clean out pores and improve skin. Clay masks are a natural alternative to other acne medications. They have a low risk of side effects and are easy to purchase and apply. Some people see results as soon as the next day. If you are wanting to use our charcoal clay mask I would highly recommend pairing it with our avocado clay mask.
The formula is loaded with two types of clay that help draw out impurities, shrink your pores and remove dead skin cells – and it does this all without over drying your skin. Clay masks help to detoxify the skin, while drawing out impurities Face Detox Mask and oils, which is why people with acne or oily-prone skin swear by them. Clay masks also tighten skin, which is helpful for those with enlarged pores. Our avocado mask is like no other in the Bath Box face mask collection.

Dry skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Acne Prone skin & more, we’ve got the mask for your skin type. Here are the clarifying masks that the ELLE team are loving right now.
Provided in its natural powdered form, the product activates instantly once a small amount of water is added, forming a lovely silky-textured paste that glides over the skin. When used as a mask leave on for minutes or until dry and rinse off with warm water. Teami set out to create the perfect detox mask to help eliminate blemishes, improve overall complexion and moisturise your skin from the inside out.

Gently remove with warm water or a wet towel, pat dry. This mask uses active ingredients to draw out toxins in the skin. We suggest patch testing the mask 48 hours before use on your inner elbow. You’ll know when the time is up because Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask 65g changes colour a notch when it’s ready. Simply apply your regular facial oil or moisturiser directly afterwards. Charcoal and Clay combine with other calming natural ingredients to make a magic mask. Adolescent skins tend to be troublesome in a T-zone pattern.
This mask fits closely to my face, is almost like second skin and it gives a very refreshing feeling to the face. I like the green tea fragrance and the cooling effect. Perform a patch test on your inner elbow 48 hours before use. For skin that is inflamed, use the mask 2-3 times a week. Mask can also be used on daily basis only on affected area to reduce acne, inflammation and redness. Clay and charcoal are absorbent substances, meaning they’re excellent at drawing out dirt and unwanted nasties from your pores and lessening oiliness. Apply evenly over clean and dry skin, use the brush provided.
The Clay in this mask also draws out impurities, so you’re arming your skin against future breakouts too. Oily Skin – Australian Pink Clay Mask can be used twice a week to help clear oily skin. Sensitive Skin will be soothed by the natural Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera. Simply apply this natural and preservative free face mask for minutes and rinse off for instant results. It is normal to feel a tightening sensation and mild tingle as the ingredients instantly activate and start working on detoxifying your skin.

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