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Colorado once had 3 Governors in a single day – On March 17, 1905, Democrat Alva Adams, left, was force to resign because of election improprieties . He was replaced by Republican James H. Peabody, center, who had run against him in the election, on the condition that he immediately resign. He did so, yielding to his Lieutenant Governor, Jesse F. McDonald, right.
Sizemore said he wouldn’t pay, and Reznikoff said he wouldn’t give back the hair but that he’d donate $3,000 to charity. The bottles of bubbly are estimated to have been traveling from Germany to Russia during the 1800s when they sank to the bottom of the sea, says New Scientist. baby care Turns out that the bottom of the sea, where temps are between two and four degrees Celsius, is a great place for wine aging. New Zealand native Nigel Richards memorized the entire French Scrabble dictionary, which has 386,000 words, in nine weeks to earn his title.

Just in case you were sleeping in class that day, the geniuses at mental_floss magazine have put together a hilarious primer on everything you need to know—and that means the good stuff. The creators of the podcast The Dollop present profiles of the weird, outrageous, NSFW, and downright absurd tales from American history that you weren’t taught in school. The United States of Absurdity presents short, informative, and hilarious stories of the most outlandish people, events, and more from United States history. On our all day Yellowstone Hike, you’ll visit Old Faithful along with several lesser known treasures of the geyser basin.
Along the way, our professional guides will share information about the history of Yellowstone, the geothermal features, wildlife and more. You’ll see Old Faithful, one of the park’s most iconic feature and then travel well off the beaten path to see the secrets of Yellowstone and the geyser basin. The amount of water expelled depends on how long the eruptions last. On average, Old Faithful will expel anywhere between 3,700 and 8,400 gallons of water.

All in one convenient itinerary for you, ready to be booked. Painted by Michelangelo in 1512, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City is one of the most famous monuments in the world. While certainly the most impressive, it’s actually just one of a number of fabulous frescoes that decorate the chapel in the . Today, the Sistine Chapel is the the official residence of the pope and the site of the Papal Conclave, the process that is responsible for selecting the next Pope. To spend more time exploring and less time standing in line, make sure you get your priority access tickets to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican museums ahead of time.
In fact, many people shudder and cringe at the thought of rats being anywhere near their homes or office buildings. A. Robertson originally wanted to name Chowchilla “Lone Oak,” after the single tree that stood in those early days near the airstrip. In 1946, the first modern-day fair was held since the closing of the original fair in 1929.
Similarly, a praise singer, or griot, would have the role of documenting and conveying the accomplishments of kings. String and wind instruments were also commonly used by Ghanain people in the north, while in the south drumming was the main way to make music. Customarily, music had a social function in Ghanian society.

There are times when Pluto is closer to the Sun than Neptune – one of these timelines was from 1979 to 1999. For nearly 60 years, Texas didn’t have an official state flag between 1879 & 1933. During that time, the Lone Star flag was the active, but the unofficial flag. 65% of autistic kids are left-handed, and only 10% of people, in general, are left-handed. Although GPS is free for the world to use, it costs $2 million per day to operate.
Deciduous trees take these changes as a time to prepare for winter. In the adult form, the moths only live a few days. However, the moth form is only the last phase of a lifecycle that takes several forms. Beginning as a tiny egg attached to a leaf, branch or similar object, the small, yellow larvae hatch after about 10 days. For the next 5-6 weeks, the now green larvae, or caterpillars, eat and grow until reaching about 3 inches in length, consuming up to 86,000 times its own body weight! If feeling threatened during this phase, the catepillar will raise the front portion of its body, looking like a small green sphinx.

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