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Flagpole Delivery Preparation & Flagpole Installation

If you spot damage within five calendar days of accepting delivery, call Carrot-Top immediately. We will initiate any claims regarding damages. Inspect each item for possible damage and ensure all parts are included by using the flagpole delivery checklist. Contact your Insurance Carrier about coverage of your flagpole on your property and be sure to check for any city building codes or neighborhood-association covenants. Obtain any permits needed before starting.
If you have questions about our American-made flags, flag pole installation, or flag pole repair, don’t hesitate to call. Our American flag company is based right here in the U.S.A. and standing by. Show off your love for your state and country with a new flagpole from Troy Karge Nursery and Materials. We offer installation and removal services, and you can get Texas and U.S. flags from us. We offer fiberglass and flagpole replacement services for residential customers and businesses of every size. Our professional staff will guide you through the options and features of our flagpole installation services.

It also just helps as a base for pouring the concrete. It helps the concrete have something to grab onto in the hole. For starters, we want our clients to always have the perfect size flagpole, whether it is at your home, at your work, or in a park. If you are unsure what size is right for you, we can schedule one of our technicians to come out to do a site visual. We will assist you on where the flagpole should be located.
Use that measurement and add 4 1/2 ft. together and make the spot on the pole for the cleat. This is where the cleat will be attached. The truck has set screws that you will need to back out a little, . If you need immediate help with your flag, flagpole, or lighting purchase, you can call us at . If you need assistance with your flagpole purchase, we recommend filling out a Flagpole Request Call Back Form to help us better determine the best flagpole for you.
For an estimate on your next flag, banner, sign or custom installation, call our customer service representatives at . The process of integrating a flagpole system into your residence, business or event facility differs depending on your location. Our team of specialists will work with you to develop the best possible approach, from property installation to new construction integration.
Allow for 2 to 3 full business days when doing this. You can also visit for more information. You need to be prepared to take notes when calling as the one number may not call other companies that have provided services that required buried lines. You will also need to locate any buried yard light lines or sprinkler system lines.

The base should be high enough that the pole can swing up and down with ease. Allow at least 24 hours for the cement to harden before you can raise the flagpole at its highest position. Place the pea rock or gravel in the bottom of the hole and level to a depth of approximately 4″. The pea rock or gravel will help with drainage. At this point, your flag should be up and flying. Now you can sit back and revel in it’s beauty.
THE U.S. FLAG should be raised and lowered carefully, and not be allowed to touch the ground. It should not be flown in inclement weather or at night, unless illuminated. Flying the flag at half-staff is a sign of mourning.
A deluxe flagpole system looks nice and has a lot of advantages, but has more parts to maintain. With more parts, comes more expense. So going with a common set up will save you management and money. For many flag flyers, an old steel flagpole sits outside the building.

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