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Imtiaz Kibria – Skydiving

The success of rap music has made it into a financial powerhouse. So for those out there who want to foolishly try and give credence to their own view of rock ‘n’ roll by eliminating any and all artists and styles they find unworthy of their personal praise, be aware that in your attempts to strengthen that narrow definition of rock you’re actually diminishing the overall importance of rock in the process.
An example of this double standard can be seen in the way that Mick Jagger, with his middle class British background from the opposite end of the English speaking world, never faced serious questioning about his embracing of black performance and musical styles, but Janis Joplin, born and raised in the Deep South, was criticized as being derivative or worse, and her reputation suffered for many years because of this.

Sugar Ray , formed in 1986, performed music that formed the basis of what would later become known as rap rock and nu metal 26 In 1989, Tone-Lōc ‘s 27 “Wild Thing” 28 featured a sample of Van Halen ‘s Jamie’s Cryin’ Included on his debut album, Lōc-ed After Dark , 29 the song hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and propelled the album to #1.
In the same way that rock gave way to hair metal, hip-hop gave way to rap, but unlike hair metal or rock, the modern rap movement is aided by the independent Sad Song spirit and by tools to circumvent the gatekeepers”—big money producers, studios, record labels, and networks—to create a worldwide buzz.

The number one rap and rock crossover on our list is the 2nd appearance of Del on this Top 10. Not as popular as Clint Eastwood, but the flow and the way Del’s able to effortlessly weave his way through the music that’s laid down by Dinosaur Jr is just unforgettable.
Instead, the combined genre of R&B and hip-hop has taken the crown, and while the two styles are fairly close to one another when it comes to percentages, the latter has pulled ahead, and it seems like it will continue to distance itself from the competition in the coming months and years.

Bambaataa, who had attended downtown New York punk clubs, hooked up with John Johnny Rotten” Lydon (of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd.) for 1983’s agit-rant World Destruction.” But while Blondie’s softly purred new-wave rap hit Rapture” was a No. 1 pop hit, the Cold Crush Brothers’ Punk Rock Rap” was a marginal oddity.

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