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Durable Engineered Timber FlooringSydney

The pre-finished surface means no sanding, lacquering, polishing and lingering harmful odours. All of our solid timber floors have nine coats of Treffort Lacquer. The cost of timber flooring depends on three factors; species of timber, raw or prefinished; and grade of timber. For raw timber flooring , the supply-only price is between $60 /sqm to over $120 / sqm. For prefinished timber flooring, the supply-only price varies between $70/sqm – $100.
As mentioned above, raw solid timber flooring will need up to 6 weeks to acclimatise to the location. Prefinished floorboards are kiln-dried in a factory to the perfect moisture level ready to install. Pre-finished solid timber is similar to the hardwood flooring we offer at Online Flooring Store. hardwood flooring Our pre-finished brands are great options for almost any room in your home. It is not recommended, however, for use in laundries, bathrooms, or other rooms prone to water spills. A damp environment can alter the appearance of solid timber and even cause irreparable damage in some cases.

Sydney Blue Gum is a tall tree, found along the New South Wales coastline extending from Batemans Bay in the south to southern Queensland. The timber is usually straight grained with a small percentage showing some interlocking grain. The sapwood is typically distinctly paler in colour and is susceptible to lyctid borer attack. When a floorboard is prefinished in a factory the coating procedure can be much more thorough and effective. Some prefinished boards are coated on multiple sides – see below.
Pre-finished solid timber flooring may be right for your home if you are looking for a quick and easy installation process. Because the boards are treated in a factory, there is no need to spend the 6 weeks to acclimatise them to your home environment. They are ready for installation as soon as they are delivered to your home. This collection of pre-finished solid timber features a smooth finish of water-based eco-polyurethane coating for durable, long-lasting use. Choose from 8 styles of incredible Australian native species to almost instantly transform the spaces of your home. Pre-finished solid timber is similar to hardwood flooring but differs in one major aspect.

Australian Native engineered flooring provides a practical yet stylish option suited for day-to-day use in most applications. The colour of the wood fibre changes drastically as the ultrahigh temperature is introduced – the higher the temperature, the darker the change to colour of the fibre is. The colour change is permanent and penetrates the entire piece of hardwood, thus eliminating the need to stain flooring to achieve a rich dark coffee brown colour. The classic style of a traditional timber floor makes hardwood strip flooring virtually fashion-proof. A polished timber floor will look as stylish in 20 years’ time as it does today. To find out more about the HeartWood Floors difference, simply call us today on and speak to one of our timber flooring Sydney specialists.
Locally manufactured building materials that meet the strictest quality standards, ensuring the long term safety of building structures across Australia. The finish used is rated E0 VOC, so there are no harmful odors to deal with. Here are some of our most popular products, please click photo to enlarge.
If the subfloor is wood-based, installation costs around $35/sqm to $40/sqm; if the subfloor is concrete, it will cost between $45/sqm to $55/sqm . Natural Impressionist incorporates the Välinge patented licensed click system for a quick and easy glueless installation. Heating wood to extreme temperatures permanently changes several of its chemical and physical properties. The change in properties is mainly caused by thermic degrading of hemicelluloses. The Hurford Roasting process is carried out in a purpose built Kiln in which the temperature is increased to 185–215 ºC, depending on the processing level.

And it will be already protected with 9 layers of German Treffert coating performed inside the factory. Therefore it includes thicker, dust, streak free and more uniform coating, than onsite manual finishing. Raw timber floors must be first installed in your home and then “finished” with in your home.
Solid timber flooring installation is the most expensive, but is also the most customisable. Prefinished floors are unlike traditional raw hardwood floors, there is no sanding, no polishing and no coating required on site. Hardwood’s rich character never goes out of style and is the perfect combination of practicality and elegance when it comes to home improvement. For the best hardwood flooring Sydney has to offer come to Country Timber Flooring.

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